We provide the following services:

Toxicology profiles risk assessments in the following areas

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Recreational drugs

    • Marijuana

    • Methamphetamine

    • Ecstasy

    • Gamma hydroxy butyrate

    • Opioids

    • Synthetic cannabinoids

    • Other drugs (with the emphasis on the recent emergence of designer drugs)

  • Environmental and Workplace Chemicals

  • Adverse drug effects with alcohol

  • Pesticides

Interpretation on forensic lab testing, with emphasis on:

  • Interpretation of urinary, blood and hair drug analysis

  • Post-mortem drug redistribution

  • Workplace Drug Testing

  • Blood and Breath Alcohol testing

Expert witness (court testimony)

  • Clients include law firms, insurance companies and the Crown

Other Services Include:

  • Literature searches and reviews

  • Risk analysis of environmental and occupational chemical exposure